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Company History

Shwe Lin Yone “ SLY ”( Golden Eagle ) was founded by U Soe Naing , current Managing Director in 1987 as a family business in North Okkalar Industrial Zone , Yangon.

In 1990 , SLY introduced Pudding Bun which become one of the most popular product in Yangon and the surrounding cities.

Prior to 2001, SLY’s products were only distributed in Yangon and surrounding areas.From 2001 onwards, SLY branched out to serval provinces within Yangon Division and have grown to distribute to over half of Myanmar.

In 2005,MD decided to introduce cookies product line.

In October 2014, the company launched a new premium brand called “ Diamond ” to capitalize on the market trend and demand for more premium products.

In 2019, we have started to branch out in Mandalay to distribute upper Myanmar.

Key Products Overview

Shwe Lin Yone “ SLY ” have two brands. “Shwe Lin Yone” and “ Diamond ”.Shwe Lin Yone is the standard brand competing in price sensitive market wheras Diamond is the premium brand commanding higher price.There are three main product lines-bread , cake and cookies and over forty product mix among the three product lines.Bread is the main revenue driver, follow by cake and cookies.

Although there are wide range of price of products available in the market staring from MMK 50 to MMK 1,500 ,SLY can effectively compete with them because the company is producing over forty products with different price range.

Among all the company products, “ Shwe Pudding ” is the best seller ( avg 30,000 units daily), follow by “ Bean Bun ”, “ Halawa ” and “ Cake Rusk.”


SLY originally started as a family business and over the years it has grown into a well established with over 260 employees.